Message from the President

Edgard Lebrantt

It is with great pleasure that I invite you all to the Brazilian Congress of Information Technology, to be held from November 25 to 27, 2016 in Fortaleza – CE, in the Center of Events of Ceará. The host city is a privileged place for our meeting, either because of its strategic location to promote integration among professionals in the area, thus strengthening the theme of our meeting.

We are working hard to have a congress that covers all spheres of IT professionals. We hope to serve from beginners to the most profound scholars in the area. It is always a great challenge to keep up with the high level meeting that the participants are accustomed to meeting and fortunately I am relying on the support of an exceptional team and many volunteers from our ever receptive and willing community.

This year we have completed 13 years of a history filled with much work and struggle from our predecessors, who worked with enormous dedication and competence so that we could get here. Despite all the achievements, our story must continue. We need to disseminate and expand knowledge and thus increase its scientific impact and its social insertion.

In view of this, I invite you all to go to the Brazilian Congress of Information Technology to learn, teach and debate, contributing to the growth of our area in Brazil.

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